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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How To handle Living In A Cold World

As time passed, and I became more emotionally blemished from the wear and tear and battle scars from life experiences, I grew a fondness for my new name, I embraced it. Ike(s ) aren't born they're created by their environment through conditioning. It's more of a nurture versus nature thing. Like I said in a past post, I've always been here. I was just crude and not yet refined.

"Ice cold, baby"
You've got to drop the temperature in your temperament in order to adapt to this cold world.
Stay cool, calm collective and under control, at least 98.6% of the time (after all, you're human, 100% is for robots). Get out of your feelings and put them away because that'll get you or somebody hurt!
In the name of self preservation and peace of mind you're better off being objective rather than subjective.

You learn that you'll always keep learning, it's part of life. You learn that life IS a bitch and in order to survive you gotta keep your pimp hand cold and strong.

"The world is filled with pimps and hoes,
I'll just talk about those I know"
-The Notorious BIG
"The World is filled"; Life After Death: 
Bad Boy Records 1997

Do not confuse this with domestic or physical abuse or violence. I am against that. I believe that almost anything can be resolved through proper communication without resorting to violence.

BUT if a chick done lost her damn mind and raises her hand to a man (That is a man not deserving or guilty of anything inexplicably dumb enough to merit being slapped or punched for.) then... That's another story (I'll be writing about that later on down the line). What I'm speaking on is more of a mental state, a focus, a discipline.

You must develop a fine balance between patience and limit your tolerance. Being too lenient and nice is detrimental! It will have you coming off as soft and that will spoil everything.

Always remember, love may come and go but respect MUST come and stay, love can come and go. Never compromise your integrity as a man out of fear of losing (out). That kind of weakness get sensed by your adversary like animals smell fear.

Listen, if you know what's good for you, what makes you happy and better, then just lean back and be cooler than the air conditioners on the subway.