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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

7 reasons to kiss with your mouth closed.

If you're like me you're not into kissing just any and everybody in the mouth. I was raised by parents that found it uncivilized to even speak without brushing your teeth also bad breath and/or crud on your teeth was considered socially offensive.

I've found that there are also many women out there that aren't into deep open mouth kissing either. That is, until they start to feel an emotional or intimate connection and they're not microphobe. Ironically, there's usually rarely any talk of hygiene unless it involves oral sex.

Here are 7 reasons to keep your mouth closed while kissing.

1.Stink Breath
A no brainer. Your nose and mouth are neighbors and related taste and smell are in sync with each other.  There's no way to not smell it on your way in for a kiss.

2.The yawn or laugh test.
This also relates to number one but with visual aide. When the opportunity arise, take a look into his or her mouth. Those back teeth tell a story. If you see dental work that's a plus. At least they're self aware with some interest in their oral hygiene. But If those back teeth are dark, unmaintained with neglected cavities. That's grounds to be tight lipped on kissing.

3.The plaque build-up.
This should make anybody disgusted.  Even peck kissing should be nauseating. It's that stuff that looks like chewed up bread, usually beige, orange or yellow in color containing millions of bacteria trapped between teeth. The build-up is usually more prevalent on the bottom teeth due to the pooling of saliva and beverages in the bottom of the mouth and the use of those teeth to bite off food. If it's visible on top, this person is clearly not interested in their teeth.

4. Speed brushing.
The first time one of you spends the night you'll learn a few things in the morning. If he or she do decide to brush at all, take note to how quick it was. If it felt as if they just went in and out, it could not have been very thorough.

5. No floss
If your partner does not floss at all that is a problem. It means they feel no need for it. Which also means in between those teeth, particularly the molars (back teeth) is old food and plaque.

6.Teeth in need of dental work.
Broken, jagged, overlapping, holes in or chipped teeth.It should not have to take years to get them fixed. It's worse if there is no intention of doing it all.

7. Slimy mouth
Unless it clearly shows with things like white stuff in the corners of the mouth, unintentional spit bubbles or strings while talking (which are big red flags) you wouldn't be able to tell until you get that first kiss. If you"ve never had this experience, it's gross! It's like sticking your tongue intp a raw egg. All it takes is once and you'll be pretty much done.

I won't get extensive and go into Calculus build up, Gingivitis and gum disease.  This is simpy to bring a few red flags to light that you may be ignoring or unaware of. There are a lot of things that we may have to put up with. Yuck mouths should not have to be one of them.